Pretty little pots unearthed

Four blocks completed

Back in 2019, I attended a Wendy Williams workshop in a small town nearby.  I really enjoyed it, and came away with some gorgeous fabrics, and the intention to sign up for the Block of the Month called Pretty Little Pots.

I decided to use different linen backgrounds for the blocks

I made four blocks and set the project aside in favour of concentrating on Red Centre.

I can't believe that 5 years have gone by and that I haven't touched this project since.

The linens are a variety of textures, prints, and checks in muted colours.

I had to contact Wendy at Flying Fish Kits to get back into the Block of the Month website as the pattern is all Online.  Luckily the folks at Flying Fish Kits got back to me very quickly so that I could re-enter the website and gain access again to the pattern.

I'm now looking forward to stitching these pots on my way across Australia, and also during the first few weeks after my move.  I need hand stitching as I won't be able to access my fabrics, which are packed up and awaiting pick up by the removalists.  They may not get to me until some time in April.

Because I can't access fabrics, Bramble Blooms has to take a back seat for several weeks.  

So, a lot of hand sewing ahead, and I hope a very quick finish for the Terry Rowland top once my fabrics arrive, and I am settled into my new home.  This is a gift for my husband, and should have been finished weeks ago.

Happy stitching everyone!


  1. Oh, gosh these are fabulous! Pot luck! What a fun hand stitching project. Good luck with the move and hubby's gift.

    1. Hi Cathy. I think you have just named my quilt! Pot Luck sounds fantastic to me! It's not my usual style, but it is addictive since it is also quite improvisational. I have a ton of different sorts of embroidery threads - remember the Brazilian embroidery craze? If you go to Wendy's website you can see how the final quilt will turn out. I plan to use mid grey linen for the sashing and borders.

  2. Your little pots are super sweet! Love the texture.:)

  3. Yes, those little pots are adorable. I love them!!


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